Examinations at Elstead Dental Surgery

“We will take time to understand and listen to your wishes and concerns, allowing a generous appointment time”.

At Elstead Dental Surgery your examination is done thoroughly and without rushing!
We are truly passionate about preventative dentistry. This means identifying and treating potential dental problems before they become painful, complex or costly to treat.

We encourage our patients to visit the dentist regularly, especially as research links gum disease to arthritis, heart disease, strokes, diabetes and premature births. Your dentist will inform you when you would be due for your next examination taking into account your current oral and medical health and your lifestyle.

A thorough dental health examination at Elstead Dental Surgery includes:

  • An examination of your teeth for decay, fractures or defective fillings. Our dentists use high magnification to catch tooth decay early and prevent further tooth destruction.
  • An assessment of your mouth for gum disease to help prevent early tooth loss.
  • An assessment of your teeth for wear.
  • Oral cancer screening – with oral cancer on the increase we offer a thorough examination of all the soft tissues of your mouth, checking for any abnormalities and offering advice for further treatment if required.
  • Radiographs and intra-oral photographs are essential to fully examine the health of your mouth.

You will be given an individually tailored prevention plan and we will also advise you of any dental treatment you may require.

Here to Help in the event of Emergency

Same day appointments during surgery hours

Out of Hours Service is available for all our registered patients

Please contact the practice on 01252 702477 if you have a dental emergency. Click here for full contact details.

Children Are Special

Our aim is for your child to grow up with happy dental experiences

We take a preventative approach

Examinations are FREE for children under the age of 16, if one parent is a regular attender. Click here for details.


Cosmetic Tooth Alignment

What is CFast

Fast & gentle cosmetic orthodontic treatment to straighten your adult teeth and significantly improve the appearance of your teeth. Click here for more details.